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Easing the Pain

May 22, 2023

A Lean World - Season 1 - Easing the Pain

We are sharing an exciting new video documentary mini-series from Planet Lean on Lean initiatives across the globe! Tune in for the next episode next week.

WEB SERIES – Today, we launch a new documentary series on lean around the world, with the first season focusing on lean in Brazil. In the first episode, we visit the lean clinic on a mission to reduce the burden on cancer in our lives. 

Scripted, edited and narrated by: Roberto Priolo

Join us on a visit to Instituto de Oncologia do Vale, a lean organization that has become a reference for lean healthcare in Brazil and beyond. Learn about their daily management system, the improvements they have made, and how they have impacted the patient.

Thank you to Lean Institute Brasil, which has supported IOV’s transformation, for facilitating the visit.


Roberto Priolo

Roberto Priolo is Editor of Planet Lean and Head of Communications at Lean Global Network.

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