2024 Continuous Improvement Conferences and Training Events

5S in Lean Construction

Date: January 11, 2024

Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET

Description: Focuses on the application of the 5S methodology in construction to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Registration: Register for 5S in Lean Construction

Mindset of an Effective Big Room

Date: January 25, 2024
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET
Presenter: Julie Glassmeyer, Glassmeyer Construction Consulting and Coaching (G3C)
Details: The webinar discusses the Big Room concept, a collaborative approach to project management and problem-solving in Lean construction.
Registration Link: Register for Mindset of an Effective Big Room

The 25th Annual OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit

Dates: January 29 - 31, 2024 


Location: Hyatt Regency, Miami, Florida 

Description: The world's most prestigious gathering of transformation and operational leaders is back, and it's going to be even more extraordinary than ever before. Join us for a remarkable milestone – our 25th anniversary edition – as we mark a quarter-century of excellence with the world's largest transformation community. 

Registration: https://www.processexcellencenetwork.com/events-opexweek

Lean Enterprise Institute Events

Managing to Learn 

Date: February 05, 2024 

Description: A coach-led online course introducing A3 Leadership and Problem-Solving. 

Registration: https://www.lean.org/Events

Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations

Date: February 07, 2024 

Location: Plant City, Florida 

Description: Focuses on improving efficiency and safety in distribution centers. 

Registration: https://www.lean.org/Events 

Writing Effective RFPs for Lean Projects

Date: February 8, 2024

Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET

Description: Covers strategies for crafting RFPs (Requests for Proposals) that align with Lean project delivery goals.

Registration: Register for Writing Effective RFPs for Lean Projects

American Society for Quality's Lean and Six Sigma Conference

Dates: February 18-20, 2024

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Description: Focuses on applying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies for sustainable change.

Registration: ASQ Conference Registration

Introduction to Lean Project Delivery

Date: February 23, 2024

Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET

Description: A foundational webinar for those new to Lean, focusing on principles and practices for delivering projects more effectively.

Registration: Register for Introduction to Lean Project Delivery

Designing the Future

Date: February 26, 2024 

Description: A course on Lean Product and Process Development. 

Registration: https://www.lean.org/Events

Key Concepts of Lean Management

Date: March 04, 2024 

Description: An introductory course on lean management principles. 

Registration: https://www.lean.org/Events

Building a Lean Operating and Management System

Date: March 07, 2024 

Locations: Morgantown, Pennsylvania & Redmond, Washington 

Description: Deep dive into lean principles, thinking, and practices. 

Registration: https://www.lean.org/Events


Dates: March 13-14, 2024 

Time: 8:00 am - 4:35 pm PST 

Location: Online 

Description: The Last Planner System Conference will help you gain an in-depth insight into the practical application of the Last Planner System. You will learn about the different elements related to LPS and how they can improve communication, trust, transparency and reliability. You will also learn how LPS can help you meet project deadlines and cost targets with real-life examples and hands-on tips that you can start applying the next day. The conference is hosted over 2 days, with over 27 industry experts and 18 sessions. 

Registration: https://leanconstructionblog.com/last-planner-conference-2024.html

Grand Rapids Lean Summit

Date: March 15, 2024

Location: L.V. Eberhard Center, 301 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Description: Focuses on Lean principles in construction and beyond.

For more details, you can visit their official website.

Lean Summit 2024

Date: March 19, 2024 

Location: Carlsbad, California 

Description: A summit to expand expertise and understanding of lean thinking. 

Registration: https://www.lean.org/Events

2024 Lean Summit

Dates: March 19-20,2024 

Post-Summit Workshops: March 21-22    

Location: Carlsbad, California. 

Description: Immerse yourself in inspiring keynotes, gain valuable knowledge from seasoned practitioners, and foster meaningful connections within the lean community. 

By joining us at the Lean Summit, you'll ignite your passion for lean, expand your expertise, and unlock the full potential of lean thinking. 

Registration:  https://events.lean.org/event/ed148832-0afe-4648-8c25-ac1989def4ee/summary

2024 Shingo Mountain West Study Tour

Dates: March 19-21, 2024 

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 

Description: A study tour focusing on operational excellence principles. 

Registration: Shingo Study Tour Registration

2024 Lean Summit - Barton Malow

Date: March 19-20, 2024

Location: Carlsbad, California

Description: Focuses on "Shaping Tomorrow, Developing People," with sessions on leveraging technologies and problem-solving capabilities.

Registration: Barton Malow 2024 Lean Summit



Date: March 20-21, 2024 

Location: Orlando, FL USA

Description: #1 Request from attendees ... more networking!
In response, the conference will include CHAMPAGNE NETWORKING
(Orange Juice will be served as a non-alcoholic choice)

Registration: https://www.leanandsixsigma.org/

Post Summit Workshops

Date: March 21, 2024 

Location: Carlsbad, CA 

Description: Workshops following the Lean Summit. 

Registration: https://www.lean.org/Events

Intro to the Last Planner System®

Date: March 22, 2024 

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET 

Presenter: Christian Pikel, The Realignment Group

Managing to Learn

Date: April 8, 2024 - May 20, 2024

Time: : 12:00pm - 2:00pm ET

Description: Join us for a seven-session learning experience and learn how to use the A3 Methodology to solve important business problems. An optional one-on-one coaching package is also available.

Registration: https://www.lean.org/events-training/events/developing-structured-problem-solving-and-leadership-skills-using-a3-thinking-managing-to-learn-remotely/?start_date=1712534400

TWI Summit

Date: April 9-10, 2024

Location: Indiana

Description: An annual gathering focused on learning, implementing, and sustaining successful TWI Programs (Training Within Industry) to address challenges in lean organizations.

Registration: TWI Summit Registration

Lean Leadership Learning Tour

Date: April 9, 2024 - April 11, 2024 ET

Location: Louisville, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana

Description: Learn the secrets of lean manufacturing, a journey fraught with challenges, false starts, and stops. Gain insights into proper leadership, commitment, and development required for success.

Registration: https://www.lean.org/events-training/events/lean-leadership-learning-tour/?start_date=1712620800

Registration: TWI Summit Registration

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Service and Transactional Professionals

Date: April 10 - September 1, 2024

Description: Unlock the Power of Lean Six Sigma: Propel Your Career Forward

Registration: https://asuengineeringonline.com/professional-programs/lean-six-sigma-green-belt-servicetransactional

Registration: TWI Summit Registration

Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata

Date: April 16, 2024

Description: Learn how to use the Improvement Kata, a practical and proven method to systematically navigate that “gray zone” between the current state and your target and learn how to teach this method to your team.

Registration: https://www.lean.org/events-training/events/improvement-kata-coaching-kata-remotely/?start_date=1713225600

Registration: TWI Summit Registration

20th North America Genba Kaizen Seminar

Dates: May 6-10, 2024

Location: Southern Pines, NC

Description: Seminar focusing on improving the Genba (work site) through Kaizen methodologies.

Registration: Genba Kaizen Seminar Registration

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Service and Transactional Professionals

Date: May 8 - September 29, 2024

Description: Unlock the Power of Lean Six Sigma: Propel Your Career Forward

Registration: https://asuengineeringonline.com/professional-programs/lean-six-sigma-green-belt-servicetransactional

Registration: TWI Summit Registration

36th Annual Shingo Conference

Dates: May 9-10, 2024

Location: Orlando, Florida

Description: Showcasing best practices in Lean and operational excellence.

Registration: Shingo Conference Registration

Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES)

Dates: 07-10 May, 2024 

Location: Orlando Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld 

Description: The Premier Cross-Industry Gathering of Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry Leaders & Senior-Executives. 

Registration: https://btoes.com/

World Conference on Quality & Improvement

Dates: May 12-15, 2024

Location: San Diego, CA

Description: Connects quality professionals to processes, technologies, and experts for sustainable quality solutions.

Registration: WCQI Conference Registration

ILC Kentucky Lean Tour

Dates: May 14-16, 2024 

Location: Lexington, Kentucky 

Description: This special ILC member-only event provides perspective and practical expertise in leadership and people development alongside other like-minded professionals while going to Gemba at various companies in Lexington, Kentucky, including a half-day site visit inside one of Toyota's vehicle assembly plants. 

Registration: https://events.blackthorn.io/en/6g82hT47/ilc-kentucky-lean-tours-and-workshop-2024-3a4wQr8nB/overview

IISE Innovation Cup Competition

Dates: May 18-21, 2024

Location: Montreal, Canada

Description: Offers educational programs, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities.

Registration: IISE Innovation Cup Competition

AME's Nashville 2024 Lean Summit

Dates: May 28-31 

Location: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee 

Description: This summit fosters future workforce engagement through networking and learning from top lean practices in various industries. Attendees gain insights into team development, problem-solving, and continuous improvement. Ideal for professionals at all levels.

Registration: https://ame.org/ame-nashville-2024-lean-summit-0

2024 Lean Coaching Summit

Dates: July 23-25, 2024


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Description: Great Keynotes and insight from Cheryl Jekiel and Mark Rosenthal. Plus 2 Case Study Keynotes from 3 leaders from McKee Foods and 3 leaders from AO Smith.

Registration: https://leanfrontiers.com/2024leancoachingsummit/register/

Registration: Lean Coaching Summit Registration

2024 Lean Coaching Summit

Dates: July 24-25, 2024

Time: 8am-4:30pm

Location: Fishers, Indiana

Description: Designed for continuous improvement professionals focusing on coaching skills.

Registration: Lean Coaching Summit Registration

2024 Lean Systems Summit

Dates: August 8-9, 2024

Location: Holiday Inn by The Bay, Portland, ME

Description: A summit focused on Lean Systems.

Registration: Continuous Improvement Lean Collaborative

Global Lean Summit

Dates: September 17-19, 2024

Location: Columbus, Indiana

Description: Immersive experience at Toyota focusing on developing lean organizations.

Registration: Global Lean Summit Registration

PMI® Global Summit 2024

Dates: 18-21 September 


Location: Los Angeles Convention Center 1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California, USA 90015 

Description: PMI® Global Summit 2024 will bring together the leaders and project professionals committed to making ideas reality. Learn to build a stronger future for yourself, your work, and your world. 

Registration: https://pmiglobalsummit.gcs-web.com/

The Lean Solutions Summit 2024

Dates: SEPTEMBER 24-26, 2024 


Location: Muskegon, MI 

Description: The Lean Solutions Summit 2024 is a 3-day leadership conference for all levels of continuous improvement practitioners. Attendees discuss current trends and best practices across various industries.

Registration: https://www.findleansolutions.com/summit-2023/

Quality Innovations Summit

Dates: October 8 - 10, 2024 

Location:  The Kensington Hotel Ann Arbor, MI

Registration: https://asq.org/user/signin?prvurl=https://myportal.asq.org/s/community-event?id=a1mNt000000GvWzIAK

Women in Leadership

Dates: October 10-11, 2024 

Location:  The Kensington Hotel Ann Arbor, MI

Description: Connect with your fellow women leaders at a unique and interactive gathering in Ann Arbor, Michigan. During this two-day event, you will redefine leadership by connecting and collaborating with others from diverse backgrounds, communities, and generations. As an attendee, you will play an active role in creating community and space to discover what is truly possible when women support and empower women.

Registration: https://nexus.engin.umich.edu/pro-ed/conferences/women-in-leadership/

World Operational Excellence & Business Transformation Summit

Dates: October 16-18, 2024

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Description: Discusses best practices and challenges to optimize strategy, structures, capabilities, and processes.

Registration: World Operational Excellence & Business Transformation Summit


Dates: 16 – 18 October 2024 


Location: Orlando, Florida – USA 

Description: Join top cross-industry transformational leaders as they share thought provoking discussions on best practices and challenges to optimize strategy, structures, capabilities and processes that transform organizations through people and new technology. Also, overcoming the challenges of transforming to a culture of inclusion and belonging. 

Registration: https://www.cparityevent.com/world-annual-operational-excellence-business-transformation-summit/

2024 ILC Annual Conference

Dates: October 24, 2024 


Location: Altoona, IA 

Description: The Iowa Lean Consortium is a member-driven organization that was established in 2010 through grassroots initiatives. Our primary focus is to empower you and your workforce with the knowledge and resources necessary to build a culture of continuous improvement. Our extensive network of seasoned professionals and diverse learning opportunities will play a pivotal role in enhancing your people, refining your processes, and elevating your organization’s competitiveness. 

Registration: https://go.ciras.iastate.edu/l/876841/2023-10-02/hgz6x

AME Atlanta 2024 International Conference

Dates: October 28-31, 2024 

Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Eastern Time 

Location: Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, Georgia 

Description: The conference includes 40+ sessions on workforce development, CI tools and culture, and problem-solving, among other topics. 

Registration: https://www.ame.org


Dates: NOVEMBER 18-19, 2024 



Description: Our pharma outsourcing and pharma manufacturing conference is designed to provide pharmaceutical executives with current trends, strategic insights and best practices in manufacturing, outsourcing, capacity management, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance, operational excellence, supply chain and logistics. This executive pharma event brings together manufacturing and supply chain-focused leaders involved in the business of pharmaceutical manufacturing and outsourcing. Network with over 150 of your fellow pharma leaders as we explore strategies to maximize efficiency while remaining compliant in this ever-evolving environment. 

Registration: https://posummit.com/  

Lean Coffee Chats and Lean Book Discussion Groups are also organized by the Michigan Lean Consortium throughout the year. These events are virtual and cover various Lean topics, including those relevant to construction. Dates include February 16 and March 22, 2024, for Lean Coffee Chats, and book discussions on February 29 and April 25, 2024. More information can be found on the Michigan Lean Consortium events page

Women in Quality Symposium

Dates: NOVEMBER 18-19, 2024 


Location: Virtual


Registration: https://asq.org/user/signin?prvurl=https://myportal.asq.org/s/community-event?id=a1mNt000000GvWzIAK  

2025 Lean and Six Sigma Conference

Dates: February 23 - 25, 2025 


Location: Phoenix, AZ – In Person


Registration: https://asq.org/user/signin?prvurl=https://myportal.asq.org/s/community-event?id=a1mNt000000GvWzIAK