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Scaling OEE to Digitize Lean Manufacturing

Jun 13, 2024

Challenges resolved and ongoing

As with any new technology implementation, whether it’s on-premises or delivered via SaaS, there will be process issues to work through to deliver success. This project at Bayer Crop Science is no exception to this reality.

Johnson noted that the first challenge faced dealt with managing global requirements and expectations as the software was rolled out to multiple sites. The solution, he said, involved Bayer organizing global OEE meetings with stakeholders in every region along with continued training of power users to investigate issues before escalating them to support.

Another challenge revolved around data recovery when connectivity between the OPC server and Insights Hub is lost. In these cases, the question became: How is data generated during that time recovered to avoid gaps in the OEE record? According to Johnson, the solution to this involved adding an integration point to a local on-premises historian. This closed any gaps with Insights Hub and Opcenter Intelligence.

Though these two challenges have been resolved, Johnson said two other ongoing challenges include:

  • Data retention—teams are evaluating how long historical data should be retained, what data should be retained and how granular the archived data should be.
  • Expanding manual data input at low automation sites. Here, Johnson noted that the project has been rolled out to Bayer Crop Sciences with “strong automation”, but they’re still working on implementing this at facilities considered to be “low automation” sites. 

The company’s plans are now focused on expanding this project into those low automation sites, as well as revisiting older dashboards and user interface screens across the sites.

Johnson noted that this project has been rolled out to more than 40 Bayer Crop Science sites, with the goal of rolling it out to 80 sites.

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