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Omron and Neura Robotics Partner on Cognitive Robot Development

May 3, 2024

Neura Robotics, a supplier of cognitive robotics technology, and Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies, a supplier of industrial robotics and automation, have announced a partnership focused on introducing cognitive robots into factory automation. These cognitive robots will reportedly use advanced AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities to improve manufacturing efficiency, flexibility and safety.

The companies say that, unlike traditional industrial robots, cognitive robots can learn from their environment, make decisions autonomously and adapt to dynamic production scenarios. Application targets for these cognitive robots include intricate assembly tasks, detailed quality inspections and adaptive material handling processes.

According to Omron and Neura Robotics, the companies will work to develop a cognitive robotics platform that combines the two companies’ technologies. On its website, Neura Robotics promotes its Neuraverse web platform approach designed to facilitate networking, collaboration and co-creation within its partner community.

Omron’s industrial robot and collaborative robot (cobot) products include the Viper six-axis robot, TM cobots, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), SCARA robots, delta robots and part feeders. Omron’s robot products are targeted at industrial applications.  

Neura Robotics’ robots include cobots and AMRs, all of which feature integrated AI and sensor technologies to provide safe, collaborative operations in a variety of environments. Neura Robotics robots are designed for use in industrial settings as well as healthcare, education, hospitality and retail.

David Reger, founder of Neura Robotics, said, “The strategic connection between Omron and Neura Robotics brings us a significant step closer to our goal of revolutionizing the global robotics market. By pooling our sensor and AI technologies and expertise into a platform approach, we will significantly shape the future of the manufacturing industry and set new standards.”

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