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Kaizens at the Grocery Store (and the Drug Store) [COVID-19]

Mar 31, 2020

Republished from Mark Graban’s Lean Blog
By Mark Graban

I wrote a blog post for KaiNexus that’s the first in a series that we’re going to run about “Opportunities for Improvement” in everyday situations like golfing, walking for exercise, getting take out food… or my post about going to the grocery store and what we (and the stores) are doing better (or could do better). We could also call these small “Kaizen” improvements.

Now that I think about it more, maybe the biggest “Kaizen” that we could implement is getting groceries delivered. Or order online and have them loaded into your trunk.

Changing the way we get groceries at a high level (delivery vs. going to the store) might be better than tweaking the way we go to the store. See a WSJ article about the safety of grocery and delivery services. Does delivery mean contact with a smaller number of people? Probably. Or does it just give that appearance?

How often do we thinking about tweaking the existing process instead of rethinking the need for that process altogether? There are different ways to meet the need of “have food to eat.”

I asked our KaiNexus CEO Dr. Greg Jacobson about this, and he said:

“I think the less we can go out and have contact with public places, the better off we will be. As a society, as we are figuring this out. So I completely agree that home delivery is a great option and one where contamination can be kept to a minimum.”

Here’s a timely article from the Wall Street Journal:

Safety Advice If You Must Visit the Grocery Store

Deliveries are safer during the coronavirus pandemic, but sometimes a store visit is unavoidable. Here are the precautions to take.

I am limiting my trips to stores. I did have to go to a Walgreens to get a prescription today. I could try to convert this medication to mail order, but that difficulty is an entirely different story.

I was happy to see a sign at the front door about distancing and they had some tape marks on the floor for the front register queue.

The floor tape isn’t the prettiest, but good job, Walgreens. They’re also offering more items via the drive-thru, a sign said.

What small Kaizen improvements have you implemented related to grocery shopping or other necessary trips to the store?

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