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To provide you with the highest level of service, we only work with a few select companies at a time. This allows us to become thoroughly familiar with your company, people, product, work environment and expectations.

We’re Flexible

We know that your hiring needs and priorities can change overnight. We also understand that we may be one of a number of resources that you may use for your HR strategy. That is why we're flexible and offer a variety of services to help you meet your objectives.

  • Priority Search:

Our top priority.  This plan is for an urgent situation and takes precedence over any other search options. We serve as your company's directed recruiting resource. You pay us a negotiated engagement fee when we initiate the search, and the balance of the fee is due on a contingency basis, due if and when the candidate begins employment. There is a 90 day guarantee period after their start date.

  • Exclusive Contingency Search:

This is the highest priority contingency search.  Only the Beneva Group (and the client) are authorized to conduct the search for a specified period of time, usually 60 days.  No service fee is due unless the Beneva Group sourced candidate is hired by the client.  The fee is due within agreed-upon payment terms.

  • Contingency Search:

No fee is required to initiate a search.  We refer candidates who most closely match your company's requirements through our normal networking process and database search.  A service fee is due when a Beneva Group sourced candidate starts employment with the client. If you hire someone through another source, no fee is due. There is a 30 day guarantee period after their start date.     

Standard fees will range from 25% to 30+% of anticipated annual compensation.   Hiring bonuses may be included if used to compensate for base salary. For more detailed information regarding the above search options and the services we offer with each, please contact us!

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