Contract Staffing

Short-Term Solutions for Long-Term Goals

In today's business environment, companies must rely on a variety of staffing solutions to meet their organization's needs and objectives. Growth spurts in your business can be cyclical - they often require specialized external resources to partner with existing staff. Or perhaps a key individual has taken a leave of absence, but you still have important work that needs to be done. Maybe you simply have a short-term opportunity that you want to take advantage of without having to resort to a permanent placement solution.



We are working within our industry every single day. So we know the key players who can provide immediate results on either a short-term, contract or long-term basis. Working within the world's largest network and armed with our proven, high-touch, Accelerated Recruitment™ approach, we can quickly deliver experienced talent ready to make an immediate impact on your business. Whatever your temporary situation we’ve got the ability and capacity you need to take on the challenge.   If you have an immediate need for a key Impact Player contact The Beneva Group at 941-953-3500. 



Are you one of the top 20% employees that make 80% of the impact in your business??  Is your contract coming to an end soon and you are looking to take a new company to the next level??   If you feel you have what it takes to be an Impact Player, we want to talk to YOU! We work with some of the top Fortune 500 business looking for a contractor just like you.  To find out what kinds of projects we are working on please contact us at 941-953-3500.


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